Interleaf, Inc. announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement providing for the acquisition of Interleaf by BroadVision. Key to the acquisition is the e-Content Company, a division of Interleaf and leader in XML-based content management tools. This separate Interleaf business unit is dedicated to the development, marketing and sale of XML-based content management tools which enable the design, creation and management of dynamic and intelligent content for web and wireless applications. The e-Content Company comprises nearly 70 percent of Interleaf’s approximately 400 employees and has been the most significant area of growth and investment within Interleaf over the past two years. Under the terms of the agreement each outstanding share of Interleaf common stock will be exchanged for .3465 shares of BroadVision common stock, and all outstanding options and warrants to purchase Interleaf common stock will be assumed by BroadVision. Based on basic shares outstanding as of January 25, 2000 and both companies’ closing price as of that date, the transaction represents approximately a 40 percent premium over Interleaf’s current value. On a fully diluted basis, BroadVision would issue approximately 5.6 million shares of its common stock, having a value of approximately $877 million based on BroadVision’s closing stock price on January 25, 2000.,