JafSoft Limited has released AscToHTM 3.2 for Windows 95/98/NT, a program that converts plain text files (.txt) into good looking HTML web pages in seconds. AscToHTM converts text files using text-recognition algorithms that detect the document’s structure. These can recognize headings, bullets, lists, indentation, URLs, tables, ASCII art and much more. The resulting HTML faithfully reflects the structure of the original document. This program adds value to the HTML e.g. by turning URLs into hyperlinks and adding color to your pages. It also creates a hyperlinked contents list from your headings. These extra features make the software suitable for use as an authoring tool as well as a conversion tool. At its simplest you just choose the files to be converted, press a single button and the results are displayed in your browser. For the advanced user a large number of options allow you to add a title, colors, tags and many other features. Selected options may be saved in “policy files” for reuse next time you run the program. AscToHTM is a tool for web developers, anyone who wants to generate web pages quickly and companies that want to migrate large structured or legacy text files to their Intranet or Internet sites. Recent changes include drag and drop support, recognition of mail and Usenet headers and a tagging system that allows you to add hyperlinks and conversion timestamps to your document. The interface can be switched to German, Spanish or Portuguese, although the documentation is still in English. AscToHTM 3.2 costs $40 for a single user license. Site licenses are available, and the software is made available free to FAQ maintainers. A 30-day trial can be downloaded from www.jafsoft.com/download/windows/aschtm32.zip