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Day: January 10, 2000

Languageware.Net Forms U.S. Subsidiary has created a wholly-owned, U.S. subsidiary, Inc., to provide’s Internet language technology services with proprietary solutions for enhancing business between U.S. and Asian markets. Products and services to be offered under the subsidiary name,, include: multilingual Web site development, integrated customer support solutions that translate foreign correspondence, and unique, proprietary technology that enables customers to search, display and print information from a Web site database in any language regardless of the source language used by the company to store the information.

Sequoia XML Portal Server Supports Biztalk

Sequoia Software Corporation announced its support for Microsoft’s BizTalk Framework, and that its application for deploying interactive EIPs, Sequoia XML Portal Server (XPS), is compliant with the BizTalk 1.0 specification. BizTalk compliance provides benefits to systems administrators integrating Sequoia’s XPS with their legacy systems by reducing the effort required to transport information between disparate systems. With the BizTalk framework in place, administrators are able to more easily connect their various applications within XPS. BizTalk speeds data exchange by aiding in the transportation of data from legacy systems to XPS. At the same time, it reduces the time and complexity involved in building software connectors linking legacy systems and XPS. Sequoia XPS 2.0 with BizTalk 1.0 compliance is available immediately.

Verity Announces Vignette Integration

Verity, Inc. announced an integrated package of software and services to enable customers to easily integrate the Verity K2 Toolkit with Vignette StoryServer. The QuickStart program provides customers with a straightforward integration of Verity’s scalable K2 toolkit and StoryServer. The program, priced at $30,000, includes two weeks of Verity consulting services. The integration is StoryServer version-number-independent and is transparent to any pre-existing search software. Use of the familiar Vignette user interface reduces the need for retraining of administrative staff. The QuickStart program is available now from Verity.

Vignette & Idiom Form Partnership

Vignette Corporation announced a partnership that will result in a third party solution built specifically for Vignette’s e-business platform. Vignette will resell WorldServer for Vignette, a customized version of Idiom’s WorldServer Web globalization product for building and maintaining a multilingual and multicultural e-business. The WorldServer for Vignette product will allow Vignette customers to increase the value of their e-business applications by expanding their Web presence to global markets. The partnership also immediately extends Idiom’s distribution channel, furthering the company’s position as the leading vendor for Web globalization solutions. Idiom’s globalization approach will help Vignette customers leverage their current StoryServer applications seamlessly across their global locations and global Web teams. WorldServer for Vignette will be available in March 2000 directly from Vignette Corp. with prices starting at $35,000.

IT Factory to Acquire Corporate Image Software

IT FACTORY announced the acquisition of Corporate Image Software (CIS) and plans to integrate CIS’s advanced e-business functionality for Notes/Domino into the IT FACTORY Notes development environment. Key strategic technologies include XML, CyberCash and SET components for Notes/Domino. This is the first in a series of planned acquisitions for IT FACTORY which are intended to consolidate complementary e-business technologies and services around IT FACTORY’s collaborative e-business solution offering. As part of this acquisition strategy, the Company is actively seeking systems integrator candidates and ISVs in the collaborative business-to-business solutions market.

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