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Day: January 9, 2000 (Page 1 of 2)

NxTrend Releases Distribution Extensible Markup Language (DXML) for E-Commerce

NxTrend Technology, Inc. announced the Version 1 release of its dXML document standards for distribution business-to-business e-commerce. NxTrend’s dXML standards are a series of 16 distribution industry-specific XML schemas, developed in conjunction with BuildNet, a leading online trading exchange. NxTrend’s dXML standards include schemas for a variety of documents, including: common business transactions, like sales orders, purchase orders, and quotes; file maintenance transactions, like product catalog updates, and customer file updates; and status transactions, like product availability and price. In the coming months, NxTrend will continue working with industry leaders and XML innovators to refine and add to the set of standards. The goal of dXML is to provide a framework for the seamless exchange of business information between distributors and all other members of the supply chain. NxTrend’s intent in publishing an industry-focused XML standard was to simplify and help facilitate electronic communication between all members of the supply chain. As an early member of the BizTalk organization, NxTrend will submit the dXML schemas for general public consumption to the repository.

Quark Releases Digital Media System

Quark Inc. announced the release of Quark Digital Media System (QuarkDMS), a comprehensive digital asset management system for publishers. QuarkDMS is an enterprise-wide solution that lets customers manage a virtually unlimited number of text files, images, and other digital resources. The QuarkDMS software combines an Oracle8 relational database with a scalable three-tier architec

Bluestone Adds a Dozen ISVs

The new Code Blue members include Alphonso Informex Pvt Ltd; BAPA, Inc.; Brickhouse Data Systems, Inc.; Cadnetics, Inc.; ClearLogic, Inc.; Creative Sun, Inc.; Database Consulting Group, Inc.; Eden Technology, I.C.E. Wireless; Kanrad Technology; Nichols, and Orchid Systems, Inc. Code Blue gives Java, Web, and XML application developers no-initial-cost access to Bluestone’s industry-leading Application Server frameworks for building e-business and data integration applications. The Code Blue program encompasses Sapphire/Web, the platform-independent, 100% Pure Java Application Server framework and Bluestone XML Suite. Developers can register for Bluestone’s Code Blue developers program online at

Bowerbird Computing Releases Embedded Database for XML

Bowerbird Computing has announced the release of XDBM, a free embedded database designed specifically to handle XML. There are currently many options available to programmers who want to make their program XML aware, but they all have three shortcomings: They are slow because they need to read the entire file to find out what it contains; They do not supply any way to search an XML file; and they consume a lot of memory because they need to load every part of the file required right from the start. XDBM overcomes all of these problems for software developers through its new database design.

ForeFront Releases Help-Authoring Software

ForeFront, Inc. announced the release of its ForeHelp Premier 2000 product line which supports JavaHelp, HTML Help, WinHelp 3.1 and WinHelp 95, ForeFront’s InterHelp and Windows CE Help formats. ForeHelp Premier 2000, which includes ForeHelp 4 and ForeHTML Pro 4, simplifies the creation of professional online Help, electronic newsletters, online catalogs and product or company information. ForeHelp Premier 2000 can also be used to develop reference materials that are delivered to the end user in a variety of ways including CD-ROMs, intranets, extranets, even Web sites. Learning WinHelp or HTML codes and macro syntax is not necessary because of ForeHelp’s WYSIWYG authoring environment. The most significant new and enhanced features found in ForeHelp 4 include: the ability to import FrameMaker .mif files; set up, add, import, export and maintain headers/footers that can include replaceable stamp fields. ForeHelp 4 can also import selected topics, keywords, macros, styles and/or windows from other ForeHelp projects in order to support multiple authors and projects; plus it enables live edits within a topic list for easy organiza

E-Sync Announces Beta of XML Supply Chain Solution

E-Sync Networks, Inc. announced that a beta version of TotalChain, its new end-to-end web supply chain solution, would be available for testing in February. The company also confirmed that the product would be available commercially during the second quarter of this year. TotalChain will enable companies to collaborate over the Internet with their business partners, suppliers, service providers, manufacturers, distributors, and customers, by facilitating the secure exchange of information among disparate systems. For example, a manufacturer’s material resource planning system will be able to transparently communicate with a supplier’s planning system in a seamless and integrated manner. E-Sync Networks will initially focus on two vertical markets, insurance and distribution.

CrossWorlds Announces XML Support, Joins RosettaNet

CrossWorlds Software, Inc., announced product support for XML. Concurrently, the company announced its membership and support for RosettaNet, an independent consortium dedicated to developing and deploying industry standards for enabling eBusiness interoperability. With its XML-compliant eBusiness product, development tools and infrastructure, CrossWorlds will enable companies to conduct eBusiness transactions in RosettaNet formats. This announcement further demonstrates CrossWorlds’ capabilities in providing a robust eBusiness integration solution. CrossWorlds is offering an XML Connector, a pre-defined and extensible cross-application interface designed specifically for handling XML-based messages. The Connector allows for the integration of XML data to multiple legacy and packaged front-office, back-office and supply chain applications including Baan, Clarify, Manugistics, Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP, Siebel, Trilogy and Vantive via CrossWorlds hub-and-spoke architecture. The XML Connector is tightly integrated with CrossWorlds’ business process modeling capabilities and Collaboration modules. As part of its support of RosettaNet, CrossWorlds’ architecture complements the RosettaNet standards by providing a real-time integration environment for trading partners through automatic answer-back, cross-referencing and persistent transaction services. As a result, trading partners can avoid manual tasks such as transaction voiding if an order acknowledgment is not received after a specified number of hours.

HotOffice Announces Free Web-Based Teamware

HotOffice Technologies announced that its subscription-based intranet service is now also available for free. Designed to improve the way teams communicate and collaborate, HotOffice offers both a subscription-based and free Web-based teamware service with identical features, allowing any team member to connect via a private intranet with colleagues and clients from any Internet connection. With free document and contact management, free email, free calendaring, and other tools, the HotOffice service helps teams maximize productivity with improved communications and real-time collaboration. The free version, is supported by ads. The rates for the subscription service are $12.95 per person, per month for up to 20 people, $11.95 per person, per month to 50 people and $9.95 per person, per month for 50 or more people.

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