MERANT unveiled DataDirect Connect for XML. DataDirect Connect for XML reduces the amount of work required to implement XML for data integration, helping customers rapidly implement business-to-business systems. MERANT’s new XML technology will be key to helping companies rapidly adopt XML, providing a way to exchange and integrate data across standard tools and applications like Microsoft Visual Basic, Seagate Info and Allaire ColdFusion. DataDirect Connect for XML provides SQL capabilities to applications accessing XML data, increasing customer flexibility, speeding deployment of new applications and leveraging existing skills and tools. DataDirect Connect for XML is one of the technologies fundamental to helping companies implement MERANT’s Egility Data Integration solution for e-business. The MERANT Egility Data Integration solution combines products and services that help extend the effectiveness of data in the enterprise value chain, enabling rapid and dynamic access to integrated information for an organization’s customers, partners, suppliers and employees. MERANT Egility Data Integration empowers businesses for change by equipping them with a data integration strategy to respond to rapidly changing market dynamics.