IONA Technologies announced that it plans to include support in IONA iPortal Suite for the WAP Forum’s Wireless Application Protocol (WAP). Support for WAP will be built into IONA iPortal Server, a component of IONA iPortal Suite. IONA iPortal Server is a portal access and central control point that provides integration between front-end Internet applications and back-end systems, manages customized views of all internal applications, and provides reliable, secure and scalable access to internal and external applications. IONA iPortal Server provides the view into back-end enterprise applications by interoperating with IONA iPortal Integration Server, and new component-based application logic by interoperating with IONA iPortal Application Server. WAP support will be provided in the form of an Adaptive Runtime Technology (ART) plug-in. ART is a flexible, transport-independent architecture, which underlies all of the components of iPortal Suite. ART’s flexibility alleviates iPortal Suite developers from having to maintain a separate set of WAP-formatted pages. iPortal Suite will check the end-user’s protocol on login, and will automatically supply wireless device users with WAP-formatted content.