Informative Graphics Corp. introduced Brava! 2.1 – a 100 percent Java-based drawing and document collaboration application designed for business-to-business commerce. This product optimizes Java for viewing performance with CAD and image file formats, and it now offers a Java Bean interface to enable embedding into an array of web-based collaboration solutions and Project Web Sites. Brava! allows users, collaborators and contractors to share information and exchange ideas without requiring the same hardware platform, native software application or browser. With Brava! users can now view and share ideas using drawings and image documents over intranets and the Internet. Brava! is the second generation of jMYRIAD technology. It includes significant new functionality directed at web-based collaboration, including: Enhancements for viewing and printing of native CAD and image formats; Performance improvements (data compression) for lower bandwidth connections; High resolution printing to A and B size devices; Metadata-based print and watermark banners; Ability to interactively browse and load drawings & document files from the shared server; Bean interface to build integrations to E/PDM or embed into other Java/web-based collaboration solutions; and support for an optional print/plot server for native Windows driver printing/plotting at scale or a percentage of scale