FileNET Corporation announced its new Panagon Web Publisher 4.0 software, which provides new XML language and incremental publishing capabilities for enhanced content management support of Web-based information portals. This is one of the first components of an upcoming major set of announcements slated for early 2000 in the e-content management space from FileNET. Panagon Web Publisher 4.0 (PWP 4.0) is a template-driven software engine designed to automate the conversion of native application-authored documents into stylish, consistent Web publications. This conversion is guided by user-specified templates and results in fully linked XML and/or HTML Web sites. PWP 4.0 eliminates much of the tedious labor involved in creating and maintaining Web sites because translation to XML or HTML is automatic, leading to increased organizational productivity because content authors aren’t required to learn XML and HTML programming and Web masters aren’t required to edit content. A key feature of Panagon Web Publisher 4.0 is its “abstraction” capabilities, which provide the ability to create a Web site with a consistent look and feel, even though the source documents are formatted in an ad hoc manner. Panagon Web Publisher 4.0 is available now. The suggested retail price for the basic Web Publisher software is US$19,500, and a base Panagon content management solution, including client and server software serving a potential universe of thousands of users and managing thousands of Web pages, starts at approximately US$85,000.