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Day: December 6, 1999 (Page 1 of 2)

DataChannel Adds Wavo’s Real-Time News to XML-Based Enterprise Portal

DataChannel Inc. and Wavo Corp. announced that Wavo’s NewsPak will be immediately incorporated into the next release of DataChannel’s portal solution. NewsPak is a solution for delivering pre-licensed, real-time news content to Web servers worldwide. It aggregates content streams from a catalog of over 600 media sources, including CNBC, Ziff-Davis, Financial Times, USA Today, Comtex, Knight Ridder and UPI. Providing these streams in a richly meta-tagged XML format, NewsPak will give DataChannel customers unparalleled ability to search, manage and personalize news information.,

DataChannel & Extensibility Partner

In a joint announcement announced a partnership to deliver advanced XML industry solutions. Extensibility will create a validated schema for DataChannel’s Portal Markup Language 1.0. (PML 1.0). PML 1.0 has been submitted to OASIS as an industry standard markup language for content display and management by an Enterprise Information Portal. XML Authority, Extensibility’s schema processing and validation server will contain PML 1.0 support in its next release. DataChannel will accelerate its lead in providing XML training and solutions by becoming the lead training partner for Extensibility, creating new curriculum and certification for XML Authority as well as other company offerings. These courses, along with other advanced tutorials from DataChannel will be offered in both open enrollment and customized training sessions, available the first half of next year. Additionally, DataChannel will include an evaluation copy of XML Authority in the SDK of its XML-based Enterprise Information Portal, DataChannel Server 4.0 scheduled for first quarter of 2000. As part of the agreement, Extensibility joins DataChannel’s XpertPartner Program. Other aspects of the agreement include joint development efforts on future offerings that were not disclosed by the companies.,

Datalogics to Resell SoftQuad’s XMetaL

Datalogics announced a partnership with SoftQuad to resell XMetaL. With the addition of XMetaL to the product portfolio, Datalogics will round out its software solutions offering to include a comprehensive XML publishing solution encompassing everything from the authoring and editing of content to the output delivery and final publishing. Datalogics is known for its applications targeted at the high volume publishing market. Not only do these products offer high-speed composition and some of the most typographically sophisticated applications, but they also provide for flexible output delivery options. Customers are able to take one input source and generate multiple outputs including PDF, HTML, AFP, SEC Edgar, etc to support a variety of printer types as well as enable document delivery on the World Wide Web. With the addition of XMetaL, Datalogics will facilitate customer’s ability to author and edit the content of their documents. Since Datalogics composition products such as DL Pager, accept XML and SGML tagged input, the use of XMetaL in the authoring process can provide an efficient way for users to author XML content that can be used in DL Pager for print or web delivery.

Lexica Releases iLingo XML Schemas for Industry Review

Lexica LLC announced that it has published a preview set of XML schemas on Microsoft’s and Lexica’s Web sites. This is a comprehensive set of XML schemas that is specifically designed to empower the supply chain participants in the end-to-end automation of insurance selling and transaction processing. The new set of schemas, collectively called iLingo, provides the essential structural framework for deploying portable, robust transactional applications that enable business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-commerce. Once Version 1.0 is released in early 2000, iLingo will be freely available to any insurance or related financial services provider. Updates will be posted at and

Bluestone Announces Support for Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition

Bluestone Software, Inc. announced complete support across its entire product line for the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE), Sun Microsystems Inc.’s unified platform for developing, deploying, and managing enterprise-class software in a diverse corporate environment. Bluestone believes compatibility testing will demonstrate compliance with the J2EE specification for Bluestone’s Total-e-Business comprehensive e-business platform, its Sapphire/Web Application Server infrastructure, and the Bluestone XML Suite Integration Server – all based on the Java 2 platform and XML standards. Bluestone’s support of the JavaServer Pages (JSP) technology, the Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) component architecture, and the Java Servlets API – core enterprise technologies which are unified in J2EE – simplifies enterprise application development by providing a comprehensive set of component services, and automatically handles many details of application behavior, without complex programming. Developers will also benefit from Bluestone’s “in-process” methodology for hooking JSPs to JavaBeans and EJBs, via an XML interface within a single Java Virtual Machine. By employing one Java Virtual Machine to execute application tasks, Bluestone enables e-business applications to run faster and more efficiently.

XMetaL to be Integrated into Killdara’s Secure XML Device

SoftQuad Software Inc. and Killdara Corporation announced a strategic alliance to integrate SoftQuad’s XMetaL XML content authoring environment and Killdara’s Paraphrase Engine. The integrated products will provide customers with a complete solution for creating XML documents and delivering them securely to the databases of business partners via the Internet. The Paraphrase Engine is a secure and intelligent XML-based network appliance. It can be easily connected to existing enterprise data sources such as databases, and configured to automatically generate XML reports from the data. The reports can then be delivered to trusted business partners using high-security, tamperproof Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology. Documents received from partners can likewise be authenticated, decrypted and delivered to users in the form of XML documents.,

Microsoft Announces Finalized BizTalk Framework

Microsoft Corp. announced availability of the BizTalk Framework Document Specification 1.0, an updated component of the framework based on XML schemas and industry standards for sharing information. Microsoft submitted the BizTalk Framework Document Specification 1.0 to the BizTalk Steering Committee – composed of vendors, standards bodies and corporate customers – for review in September. The committee finalized and published the document specifications on the BizTalk.Org Web site ( Any individual or organization can access the specifications and use them to implement e-commerce and application integration solutions using the BizTalk Framework. With the final version of the specification now available, corporate developers and independent software developers can immediately embark on the development of BizTalk-compatible applications. The BizTalk Steering Committee provides guidance on the future direction of the BizTalk Framework and includes American Petroleum Institute, Ariba Inc., The Baan Co., The Boeing Co., Clarus Corp., CommerceOne Inc., Concur Technologies Inc., Data Interchange Standards Association (DISA), J.D. Edwards & Co., Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Microsoft, New Era of Networks (NEON), The Open Applications Group (OAG), PeopleSoft Inc., Pivotal Corp., RosettaNet and SAP AG.

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