Tegic Communications announced it has now licensed its product, T9 Text Input software to more than 20 wireless phone and consumer electronic device manufacturers. The company has licensed T9 Text Input to wireless phone manufacturers who command more than 90 percent of the world’s wireless phone market share and has also demonstrated the adaptability of the software to other platforms such as PDAs and MP3 technology. In addition, the company is extending its embedded software expertise with the introduction of wireless instant messaging or “chat” technology. The application, which will be available in an upcoming version of T9 Text Input software for wireless phones, will enable easy integration by wireless service providers, ISPs and Internet portals. With T9 Text Input software embedded on mobile phones and wireless device keypads, individuals can quickly and easily enter words or entire sentences with just one key press per letter. To ensure customers can communicate in their native language, Tegic Communications has made T9 Text Input available in more than 17 language databases. They include Chinese (Simplified, Traditional, BoPoMoFo and Pinyin), Dutch, Danish, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean (Hangul), Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish. The company is also developing linguistic databases for Turkish, as well as other Eastern European and Middle Eastern languages. www.tegic.com