Sight & Sound Software, the developers of BookSmart announced support for XSL within BookSmart 2.0. The combination of BookSmart’s internal XML data storage format, and support for XSL, offers flexibility in generating a variety of formatted data outputs from within BookSmart. For example, personalized booking confirmation email, formatted HTML for web pages, even other XML formats, such as the emerging Open Travel standard, are all as simple as creating an XSL style sheet. The proprietary BookSmart XSL server handles the translation from the internal XML format to the output format specified by the style sheet. XSL support gives complete control and flexibility to the web site designer to specify exactly how data should look on a page. Different style sheets can be applied for different sets of customers on the same web site, providing a fully personalized look and feel. Since XML also provides the basis for many of the emerging wireless standards, the new XSL support will make creating wireless booking applications with BookSmart much easier.