Oracle Corp. announced the immediate availability of the beta version of Oracle XML Developer’s Kit-bundled components, tools and utilities for building and deploying XML-enabled applications to create and maintain e-business marketplaces. In addition, Oracle is also establishing an XML support program to help ensure consistent, reliable and speedy deployments of XML business-to-business infrastructures. The Oracle XML Developer’s Kit (Oracle XDK) is available for developers working in a variety of programming languages. It provides the XML infrastructure and reliability companies need to easily exchange information across systems to create more efficient systems for competing in today’s global business landscape. Specifically, Oracle XDK includes the following: XML Parsers: supporting Java, C, C++ and PL/SQL, the components create and parse XML using industry standard DOM and SAX interfaces. XSL Processor: transforms or renders XML into other text-based formats such as HTML. XML Class Generator: automatically generates Java and C++ classes to send XML data from Web forms or applications. And XML Transviewer Java Beans to visually view and transform XML documents and data via Java components. In order to provide support to Internet developers, XML experts in Oracle Support will provide both phone and Web-based support for Oracle XDK. Support will be free of charge to those with a current maintenance agreement for the Oracle database or Oracle Application Server. In addition, stand-alone support for Oracle XDK may be purchased online-via the Oracle Store at The beta version of Oracle XDK is immediately available for free via the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) at . The production version is scheduled to be available by the end of the year.