Lumeria, an infomediary incubator, announced the launch of, a site for web software developers that combines a web repository for XML DTDs with a web-based tool for editing and creating DTDs. offers web developers two free benefits. First, provides the XML community with a free knowledge repository — called the DTDwarehouse — for storing and sharing DTDs and information about each DTD. Secondly, gives away a free web-based knowledge management application, called the DTDfactory, which lets XML developers mine the data in the DTDwarehouse, create their own DTDs, validate them against industry standards, and share their knowledge of DTDs with other developers. With the goal of becoming a standard repository for all DTDs, enables XML developers to upload their own DTDs — whether entire DTDs or suggested tags — to the DTDwarehouse to share with other developers. will also aggregate these DTDs or tags and submit them for approval by the appropriate standards committees as a way of accelerating the standardization of XML. The DTDwarehouse is stocked with over 180 DTDs covering a wide range of subjects, from mathematics to science, government, education, and personal profiling. In addition, supports Lumeria’s proposed new standard for personal profiling, called the Profile Markup Language (PML) — an extremely rich profile description and exchange platform, which is based on XML. PML is an open source, industry-driven, XML-based collection of standards for defining profile data. At the heart of PML is the PML DTD — the set of rules by which PML documents are created and interpreted. Lumeria created PML in a drive to initiate an industry-wide movement to enable the flow of profile information across platforms and applications, and thereby save both consumers and businesses time and money. To encourage the widespread use of XML, Lumeria gives away PML for free to all developers and sets up a database of XML DTDs by subject. To encourage the use of PML, Lumeria has made the protocol compatible not only with its own SuperProfile Identity Management system but also with the upcoming Consumer Profile Exchange (CPEX) protocol and data model. Lumeria is a member of the CPEX core working group, which includes Oracle, IBM, Vignette, net.Genesis, Andromedia, and the Sun-Netscape Alliance.