Interwoven, Inc. and ScreamingMedia announced a strategic partnership to bring fresh, customized content to portals and corporate intranets. The real-time content from brand-name providers like the New York Times Syndicate, AP, Sports Network and Medical Tribune, will be aggregated, filtered and streamed by ScreamingMedia’s Siteware into the Interwoven TeamSite content management software, where it can be seamlessly incorporated into a corporate intranet, extranet or Internet site. Web innovators are already taking advantage of the synergy provided by this partnership. Site editors can review the ScreamingMedia live news feeds and pull relevant articles. These articles are then routed through Interwoven workflow and published side-by-side with custom articles submitted by the company’s content contributors. Because news article selection is integrated with in-house content creation, the overall publishing process is streamlined and editorial review time is decreased.