The Apache Software Foundation, in collaboration with Bowstreet, DataChannel, Exoffice, IBM, Lotus Development Corporation and Sun Microsystems, announced the formation of the Project in response to the overwhelming demand for Open Source XML and XSL tools triggered by the rapid adoption of XML. will advance the development and deployment of XML and XSL standards, and demonstrate the power of these technologies on both Web server- and client-side environments. In addition, will provide a robust set of XML- and XSL-related libraries and applications within an industry-wide, peer-based Open Source development process. The Project is being bootstrapped with technology donations from several vendors and Open Source XML developers, and will be maintained by the Project team. The donated technologies include: XML4J and XML4C Parsers from IBM, Java Project X and XHTML Parser from Sun Microsystems, LotusXSL, from Lotus Development Corporation, XPages, from DataChannel, FOP, from James Tauber, now with Bowstreet, Cocoon, from Stefano Mazzocchi and the Java-Apache community, OpenXML, from Exoffice and Assaf Arkin, and XSL:P, from Exoffice and Keith Visco. xml.apache. org will name its parser technology Xerces, which will be based on IBM’s XML4J and XML4C technologies. The next version will incorporate the best features on Sun’s parser and other contributions from the open source community.