The e-content company, a division of Interleaf, Inc. announced X-WAP (XML Wireless Application Product), a new BladeRunner application that will allow enterprises to distribute information to any wireless device, extending enterprise e-business. Through the power of eXtensible Stylesheet Language (XSL), enterprises can now extend the reach of their intranets by transforming WML, HTML, and XML business content for presentation to wireless devices such as cellular telephones, personal digital assistants, pagers and e-books. The e-content company is debuting with demonstrations of content being served live to a variety of mobile and wireless devices including the One Touch Pocket cellular phone from Alcatel; the Palm VII PDA from Palm Computing, Inc., a 3Com Company; the Nokia 9000il Communicator and the 7110 cellular phone; the StarTac cellular phone and PageWriter 2000X digital pager both from Motorola; and the Softbook electronic book from Softbook Press. To date, wireless access to the Web has required some type of gateway filtering technology or specialized site; neither of these flexibly adapt to numerous devices each with unique capabilities such as screen size. With X-WAP, content in XML, or structured HTML, can be efficiently transformed into output, exploiting the unique features of each device. In addition, with X-WAP’s XSL creation tools, content providers have control over how their content is rendered on all these devices. As part of this release, the e-content company is announcing collaborations with leading wireless communications companies to jointly develop solutions for delivering dynamic customized content on wireless devices. To date, participants include Alcatel, Motorola, Nokia, and Softbook Press, and will be expanded to include leading content providers, aggregators, Web portals, and telecommunications carriers who are all part of the X-WAP value chain. X-WAP will be available this quarter to participants of the Early Adopter Program as a Technology Preview.