Sun Microsystems, Inc. announced two strategic acquisitions. The acquisitions of Forte Software, Inc. and NetBeans, Inc. allows Sun to offer a full array of integrated development tools for individuals, small businesses and large enterprises. The acquisitions of Forte, based in Oakland, Calif., and NetBeans, headquartered in The Czech Republic, complete Sun’s integrated development environment (IDE) strategy. Forte provides tools for developing, integrating and deploying scalable, enterprise-class distributed applications. Forte’s products include: SynerJ, the Java technology-based IDE, Forte Fusion, the XML-based Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) environment, and Forte Application Environment, a market leading enterprise 4GL tool. NetBeans, a Java technology IDE supplier for Linux, is best known for its cross-platform NetBeans Developer Java technology IDE. The company has had more than 100,000 downloads of its NetBeans Developer product, which visually extends the Java Development Kit (JDK) and includes integrated visual design, editing, compilation, and debugging tools. NetBeans software is based on an open API, which provides an extensible platform for development of third party, customizable, modular tools for the Java platform. The current tools suite supports the Java 2 platform including JavaServer Pages, Servlet, XML, CORBA, RMI and JDBC technologies platform. A free version of NetBeans Developer IDE for the Solaris Operating Environment, Linux, Windows 98 and Windows NT are available for immediate download from,