Oracle Corp. announced the delivery of Oracle Business Components for Java, a Java framework to help developers build, customize and deploy reusable components for both packaged and custom applications. Oracle Business Components for Java is a standards-based, server side framework for delivering scalable, high-performance Internet applications. With Oracle Business Components for Java, development time is reduced and customization is easier and therefore less costly than ever before. Oracle JDeveloper 3.0 will be generally available this month. Traditionally, in order to customize packaged applications developers were required to modify the original source code, a very time consuming and resource-intensive process. Oracle Business Components for Java eliminates this problem by using the XML to publish an application’s metadata. As a result, customizing an application is as easy as editing XML information, without requiring any changes to the original source code. Oracle Business Components for Java is a set of Java framework classes and re-entrant wizards that function within JDeveloper 3.0. The wizards automatically optimize and generate the framework code that handles the database interactions. This greatly reduces the complexity and time previously associated with application development and customization by now allowing developers to focus on the business logic, rather than the low-level database interactions.