NextPage, LC,announced the LivePublish 2.0 suite of professional Internet and intranet publishing software products for the assembly and delivery of high-value content. LivePublish 2.0 is an XML-enabled enterprise publishing platform that gives commercial and corporate publishers flexibility and control over their content including simultaneous distribution of content through corporate portals, commercial Web sites and disconnected, browser-based CD-ROM/DVD. The new product suite will be available in late October 1999. The LivePublish Suite 2.0 consists of: LivePublish Builder: The tool to assemble and index native source documents such as XML and MS Word. LivePublish Builder integrates with document management and production systems; LivePublish Server; LivePublish Server Personal Edition; LivePublish Distribution Kit; and LivePublish ToolKit. NextPage LivePublish Suite 2.0 will be available in late October 1999. Corporate LivePublish Server pricing begins at $4,995 for 10 concurrent users.For commercial publishers, the LivePublish Server & Distribution Kit are priced at $9,995 plus additional fees for distribution of commercial publications.