Lotus announced Domino Release 5 (R5) server support for XML and Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) technology. Lotus will provide an XML-based application-development environment for users. Combining Domino with the Lotus XSL processor extends Domino applications to clients such as browsers and handheld wireless devices via XSL stylesheets. Support for XML begins with the next quarterly update of Domino R5, allowing information to be viewed as an XML document. Domino R5 and Lotus Notes R5 Client will also support Microsoft COM, giving users the ability to create integrate Domino workflow, security, and messaging and collaboration capabilities into applications for Microsoft Windows. Microsoft Office users can add Notes and Domino data and workflow to desktop applications as well. Lotus Domino Application Server R5’s next quarterly update, including XML and COM support, is expected within the next 30 days. The Domino Application Server R5 is available now at a price of $1,795; the quarterly update is expected to be free of charge. www.lotus.com.