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Day: October 12, 1999

Ardent Software & Neon Systems Partner

Ardent Software, Inc. announced that it will partner with NEON Systems, Inc. This partnership complements Ardent’s DataStage Suite by providing customers with direct access to DB2 for OS/390-MVS through NEON’s Shadow Direct middleware. Shadow Direct provides direct access to mainframe-based data from client/server and n-tier environments such as UNIX and Windows NT. Together with NEON, Ardent now offers the data warehouse market’s most comprehensive selection of mainframe data access options. Ardent’s DataStage Suite includes a complete data movement and integration solution with native access to data from mainframe, Unix, and Windows NT environments; data quality assurance capabilities; and full lifecycle meta data management; all complemented by industry-leading professional services. NEON’s Shadow Direct provides direct access to mainframe data in DB2 as well as the ability to invoke DB2 stored procedures. NEON’s Shadow Direct simplifies and optimizes DB2 connectivity, thus eliminating the traditional performance bottlenecks and points of failure typical of other access methodologies.,

Mediaplex to Provide Real-Time Online Media Buying to Ariba Customers

Mediaplex, Inc. announced that it will integrate its real-time online media buying solution with the Ariba business-to-business e-commerce solution. This integrated solution will provide businesses with an automated system for placing, tracking, changing and managing online advertising placements and expenses by leveraging the approval workflow and Internet order routing capabilities of the Ariba ORMS application and Ariba Network platform. The Mediaplex-Ariba integrated solution will utilize Mediaplex’s new technology, adXML, to enable advertisers and Web publishers to transmit and acknowledge advertising insertion and change orders in real time. Mediaplex and Ariba are working together to make adXML an open standard, and are sponsoring an Web site to provide more information. The adXML committee, which includes Boris Putanec, Ariba software architect and a primary contributor to the cXML standard, and Art Scott, Mediaplex’s adXML project manager, is also working with a number of advertising standards groups, including international groups such as FOGRA to assist with print standards in Europe.

Telus & NCompass Labs in Strategic Alliance

TELUS Corporation and NCompass Labs, Inc. announced a strategic alliance to offer advanced Web hosting services based on the NCompass Resolution Web publishing and content management system. TELUS plans to make this new service available to its customers through its TELUS Advertising Services division. The new TELUS offering will take advantage of NCompass Resolution’s ability to create template-based Web sites for customers who need the ability to update and manage their own content. Customers of this new offering will also be able to take advantage of NCompass Resolution’s capabilities for personalization, scheduling, workflow and other advanced Web content management features. Initially, this service will be targeted at business customers who require robust, dynamic Web sites for their Internet presence or for intranet or extranet Web sites.,

CCAES.COM Announces Quickdata Server, E-Commerce for EDA

CCAES.COM announced the release of the QuickData Server, a parametric search engine for electronic component information. The QuickData Server supports the QuickData specification for business-to-business electronic content exchange defined by the SI2 standards committee. QuickData enables customers and component information end users to make simultaneous queries on component information to multiple suppliers over the Internet, receiving real time business-to-business responses. The QuickData Server and the recently announced QuickData Client products are available immediately from CCAES.COM. The QuickData Server integrates to the existing data warehousing inter structures including Oracle Version 7 and 8. Both products integrate with the existing data mining products from CCAES.COM to import content from existing data sheets and engineering tooling systems, exporting content to data warehousing systems.

Computer Sciences to Support eCo XML Framework

Computer Sciences Corporation announced support for a new e-commerce framework specification developed by CommerceNet. CSC will support the eCo Framework ) both internally and through an ongoing client education and awareness program. These efforts are being coordinated by CSC’s e-business practice which focused upon building excellence in XML technology and establishing best practice information architectures by working with clients and industry organizations. The eCo Interoperability Framework provides a single common protocol through which eCommerce systems can describe themselves, their services and their interoperability requirements. The eCo Framework Working Group, which developed the specification, includes key industry players such as 3Com, American Express, American Power Conversion, ASC/X12, Berkeley National Lab, Cisco Systems, Commerce One, Compaq, CSC, Ontology.Org, GEIS, Harbinger, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, Intuit, ISO, Microsoft, Mondex International, NEC, Netscape, Novell, Royal Bank of Canada, Sun Microsystems and, as well as experts in XML, OBI, OFX, OTP, XML/EDI, RosettaNet, and CBL.

QRS Announces qXML for Product Information Acquisition

QRS Corporation announced it will release QRS XML (qXML), an implementation of XML for the exchange of product information in the retail industry. qXML is an XML-based exchange-format designed specifically to optimize retail supply chains, simplify the integration of EDI-based product information and expand the breadth of product information exchanged between trading partners. QRS is currently working with major industry retailers and vendors to include information that normally can only be obtained outside of current electronic means. Retailers will now be able to collect all product information by a single method while vendors will be able to reuse data for multiple retailers, reducing rekeying of data. More information regarding specific qXML implementation will be available at

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