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Day: October 10, 1999

Input Software Introduces Dynamic Dialogue Technology

Input Software, Inc. demonstrated Dynamic Dialogue, a new technology that is designed to redefine how complex business transactions – such as loan applications, mutual fund purchases, insurance claims, and complex product purchases – are conducted on the Web. Input Software’s new XML-based software product DynamicInput, based on Dynamic Dialogue technology, will help solve this problem by replacing today’s static Web forms with personalized, intelligent interactions. DynamicInput creates richer e-commerce customer interactions, which will lower abandon rates and lead to increased sales for e-businesses. DynamicInput moves transaction intelligence out to the customer’s browser. As a result, it provides both personalized content, which ensures the user is only asked questions that make sense in the context of previous answers, as well as personalized presentation formats to meet specific customer or partner needs. For example, first time users will benefit from conversational `question and answer’ formats, while repeat customers with a higher degree of aptitude may prefer form-like styles that allow rapid entry of information. DynamicInput is an extension of Input Software’s InputAccel information capture software, which is used today to connect external information with internal enterprise data systems and Web sites. The beta release of DynamicInput is scheduled for the first quarter of 2000.

Intranet Solutions Announces Management Appointments

IntraNet Solutions, Inc. following the recent acquisition of InfoAccess, Inc., announced the appointment of Vern Hanzlik to the position of vice president of sales and Tom Freeman to the position of vice president of worldwide alternate channels. In addition, Dan Ryan, vice president of marketing, will assume business development responsibilities in conjunction with his overall marketing responsibilities for both IntraNet Solutions and InfoAccess. Jim Culbertson will continue as president of InfoAccess. All individuals will be reporting directly to chairman, chief executive officer and president, Robert Olson.

OASIS Publishes XML Exchange Table Model DTD

OASIS announced public availability of the XML Exchange Table Model Document Type Definition. Published as OASIS Technical Memorandum TR 9901:1999, the XML Exchange Table Model DTD is an XML expression of the exchange subset of the full CALS Table Model DTD ( The OASIS XML Tables Technical Committee includes participants from the following OASIS member companies: Arbortext, Crane Softwrights, DataChannel, ISOGEN, Mulberry Technologies, Sun Microsystems and others.

InfoAccess Announces Partnership with Open Text

InfoAccess Inc announced a partnership with Open Text Corporation to provide the Transit Central EDM (electronic document management) advanced Web publishing functionality to Livelink. The Transit Central/Livelink combination lets Livelink users continue their focus on collaborative knowledge creation and management, using Transit Central to automate the process of publishing that knowledge in HTML, XML, or other formats. With its customizable templates, Transit Central provides Livelink users with the ability to publish information to the Internet, intranet or extranet, or back into Livelink-managed repositories — all with the approved corporate `look and feel.’ The embedded Transit Central/Livelink solution functions transparently while users publish documents to the Web as it goes through the Livelink workflow process, and then automatically publishes a Web site. Open Text is the exclusive reseller of Transit Central EDM for Livelink,

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