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Day: October 3, 1999 (Page 1 of 2)

Accrue Introduces Accrue Vista

Accrue Software, Inc introduced Accrue Vista, an application that provides marketing analysts with advanced Web site visitor segmentation and analysis capabilities. With Accrue Vista, online merchandisers can answer questions such as who their best visitors are, how often they visit, how recently they visited, what parts of the site they visit, how long they stay, how much they spend on transactions and even the speed of their modem connection and the impact that has on visitor behavior. Accrue Vista is scheduled for availability in October 1999. Accrue Vista is based on a subscription pricing model starting at $1,000 per month.

Network54.Com Community Portal Adds XLM Based Syndication

Network54 launched new access control and syndication features for its popular free forum service. Unlike other community builders, which force group leaders to use a single access model, Network54 lets these forum hosts decide for themselves what model best fits their particular interests. Forum creators have the choice of opening their resources to the public or requiring users to retain membership in a closed group, or anything in between. Network54 has enabled its directory structure as well as every forum with XML. The hockey directory, for example, syndicates a list of the most popular discussions on the ice sport, while a specific forum transmits its most recent message titles. To insure easy dissemination, Network54 supports ScriptingNews and both revisions of MyNetscape RSS formats. According to, Network54 is the largest supplier of publicly syndicated XML content.

Scriptics Unveils BizConnect

Scriptics Corporation unveiled a business-to-business integration server. Known as BizConnect, the new software platform delivers an XML infrastructure for developing business-to-business applications. With an innovative business logic paradigm as simple as paper and “Post-It Notes”, and flexible integration with a wide range of software component standards, enterprise applications, legacy software and Internet technologies, BizConnect reduces the time, cost and complexity of business-to-business application development. Scriptics makes it easy for companies to integrate their business-to-business applications with existing enterprise applications, other Internet/XML applications, back-office and front-office systems and software components. BizConnect Author enables developers to create applications by dragging and dropping elements in a schematic view of an XML document. Much like pasting “Post-It” notes on a paper form to indicate how it should be processed, BizConnect Author makes it easy for the developer to attach actions to XML elements indicating how to process the corresponding elements. Many actions are pre-defined with action wizards, and because BizConnect is built on the popular Tcl scripting language, developers can write simple scripts or develop custom wizards for custom actions. Scriptics provides pre-defined options for several common tasks, such as updating information in a database. BizConnect is optimized for enabling server-to-server integration, enabling companies to rapidly develop business-to-business applications that link with their suppliers, partners and customers to automate procurement, order processing, inventory, shipping, order tracking and supply chain management. BizConnect is immediately available as a beta release and will be available for general release in November 1999. A single user development version of BizConnect is available for $5,000, with a group development version available for $12,500. Deployment licenses start at $50,000 for computer systems with up to 4 processors.

net.Genesis Introduces CartSmarts

net.Genesis introduced CartSmarts, a visitor-centric package that enables the segmented analysis of online browsers and buyers. A value-added component to net.Genesis’ net.Analysis solution, CartSmarts identifies online shopping habits, such as abandoned shopping carts and participation in promotions, and distinguishes characteristics between browsers versus buyers, prospective buyers, and first time and repeat buyers. With over 30 automated reports, CartSmarts’ analysis enables e-businesses to more efficiently develop and deliver tailored e-commerce programs, as well as marketing and email campaigns.

Autonomy Ships Portal-In-A-Box

Autonomy, Inc. announced that it has shipped its Portal-In-A-Box software, which eliminates the need for costly manual labor in the creation and maintenance of personalized portal sites. Autonomy’s Portal-In-A-Box software automates the tasks of categorizing, tagging, linking and personalizing information for new media and enterprise information portals. Portal-In-A-Box is for anyone who wants to create a portal site, from online publishers creating vertical industry portals to intranet developers or knowledge managers putting together enterprise portals that offer employees the best of the Web and their company’s internal sources of information. Portal-In-A-Box runs on Windows NT and most versions of Unix. Pricing for Portal-In-A-Box is expected to start at $100,000.

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