OASIS announced major enhancements to XML.org, the open, vendor-neutral industry portal for XML. New XML schemas from DataChannel and the HR-XML Consortium have been submitted to XML.org. Other content upgrades include the addition of the XML.org Specifications Catalog (xml.org/xmlorg_catalog.htm), a comprehensive list of XML specifications currently under development including links for more information. The site also incorporates the XML.org Specification Submission Form to encourage and enable organizations to share their XML specifications with the community at large. DataChannel’s submission to XML.org is the Portal Markup Language (PML), which is designed to support inter-portal communication by providing an XML-based description of portal-related data and metadata. PML incorporates the basics of vocabularies such as Dublin Core, Directory Services Markup and WebDAV and will continue to closely track applicable standards of relevance to this arena. The HR-XML Consortium submitted three XML schemas to XML.org, all designed to enable a new generation of web-based workforce management and recruiting services. www.oasis-open.org