Verity, Inc. announced that the new version of its Verity K2 Toolkit (v2.1) is shipping and provides enhanced performance and application development options for online stores and online publishers. The product is designed to turn online browsers into buyers by arming Web-based businesses with more advanced text retrieval precision, scalability and application integration features needed to customize product catalog navigation and search on extremely large volumes of content. Newly added support for Active Server Pages and Java technology is included.The Verity K2 Toolkit is available for the Microsoft NT, IBM AIX, HP/UX, Digital Unix, and Sun Solaris operating systems and uses hardware vendors’ latest SMP architectures. Customers can run the Verity K2 applications using any combination of servers running one or more of these operating systems. Verity also offers a full range of consulting services for Verity K2 projects. Pricing is based on specific application requirements.