SPSS Inc. announced SPSS Server 10.0, a new release of the data analysis software which now features a server version for increased performance and scalability, a new mapping module for better strategy development and XML model exportation to assist front-line decision makers. The new software is shipping worldwide. The latest release of SPSS 10.0 is available for the first time in a distributed analysis architecture (DAA). SPSS’ DAA provides users with a scalable, enterprise-level analysis product. SPSS Server minimizes the use of resources and maximizes performance by eliminating the need to copy and convert the data used in analysis, so all data can stay on the server where it resides. SPSS Server 10.0 also eliminates file size limitations, facilitates data access from many sources and allows administrators to maintain a high-level of data security. The end result is enterprises, especially those with huge amounts of centralized data, can analyze their data quickly and securely. The ability to export models in XML format allows analysts to export and deploy models to decision makers throughout an enterprise via an upcoming product called SmartScore. This new package will be used to personalize Web interaction, pinpoint cross-selling opportunities, approve loan candidates and more -all in real time. SPSS Server 10.0 will be available initially only on Windows NT. Other versions will follow later. The North America list price for a single user license of SPSS 10.0 for Windows is $999. Modules, including SPSS Maps, are priced at $499 per module for a single user license. A variety of pricing programs, including aggressive multiple unit pricing, site and network licensing are available. Licensing is also available for operating multiple instances of the software on one computer. SPSS 10.0 for Windows and modules can be purchased online in the SPSS Software Store. www.spss.com