Multicosm Inc. announced version 1.5 of Refindment for Excalibur RetrievalWare 6.7 and a worldwide reseller agreement with Excalibur Technologies.Refindment’s theming and summarization features enables users to create a virtual web of related information that is linked by concept. Refindment version 1.5 features faster theme extraction, an easier to use interface, and tighter integration with RetrievalWare. When used with Excalibur RetrievalWare, Refindment helps to rapidly analyze hundreds of documents and extract the dominant concepts in less than a minute, then stores the resulting concepts in a master index. It summarizes each of the found documents and dynamically attaches hyperlinks to the primary themes in the summaries — allowing a user to jump immediately to the parts of the source document where those themes are mentioned and bypass irrelevant information. Hyperlinks are dynamically inserted into the full documents as well, enabling users to surf through their search results based on shared concepts instead of continually returning to the results list. Refindment is available immediately from Multicosm and is planned for Q4 availability by Excalibur for Excalibur RetrievalWare 6.7.