Interface Systems, Inc. announced adoption of XML as part of its new L2i (Legacy-to-Internet) technology platform. Interface will include XML support across its product line with the first implementation being its newly enhanced version of its eBill Manager product for electronic bill presentment and payment and MyCopy, designed for L2i electronic statement delivery for Web based environments. Interface’s L2i technology is the bridging technology between the mainframe, where information resides, and the desktop, where the information is needed. L2i allows companies to deliver information across the Internet or Intranets, fax machines, CD-ROMs, voice response systems or to remote and/or local printers. Interface’s L2i technology allows any Internet application to make full use of legacy application output without changing the legacy application in any way. Interface’s L2i products are based on the company’s Document Server software. These products include eBill Manager for Internet billing and MyCopy for Internet statement delivery.