Object Publishing Software announced two new products in its suite of ObjectPublisher solutions for distributors, manufacturers, and other supply-chain enterprises to market and sell large, diverse product lines. ObjectPublisher Content Management System is an Oracle/Java/XML-based system for managing complex product information over the Internet via dynamic forms. ObjectPublisher Catalog-on-Demand is a 100% automated production system that creates custom Web and print catalogs over the Internet. These new products complement ObjectPublisher Design Studio for automating the layout and formatting of catalogs, directories, and other complex and data-rich publications for Web, CD, and print. OP Design Studio publishes from any database via ODBC drivers. OP CMS is an object-oriented design for product information implemented in an Oracle database. Its benefits are its ability to maintain a unique set of rich attributes for any class of product, and to dynamically generate “smart” input forms thus setting the stage for community authoring on the Internet. OP Catalog-On-Demand consists of several components, including OP Java Browser, OP Render Server, and OP Render Queue Manager (RQM). OP Catalog-On-Demand allows end-users to select product information via the Internet into a “shopping cart” to create their own custom catalog. Once produced, the requestor receives this catalog either as a bookmarked PDF file or as a Java-based Web publication. www.objectpublish.com