Hynet Technologies announced the availability of HynetDirective 2.5, an XML-based content management system that transforms static document files into dynamic, reusable Information Units (IUs) for publishing to the Web and print. Hynet Directive 2.5 is designed to rapidly build Dynamic Customer Content (DCC) — information tailored to the specific needs of individual customers — for publishing to multiple mediums. Hynet Directive 2.5 is a single source system that captures documents created in familiar word processing applications, such as Microsoft Word, Adobe FrameMaker and XML and transforms the data blocks (paragraphs, graphics, definitions) within them into Information Units. Then, by attaching specific metadata to the IUs, they are essentially “tagged” and stored in a repository that can be accessed across the corporate environment. Information can then be recalled by virtue of the “tag” and the IUs can be reused and re-purposed to create varied pieces of corporate knowledge. The collateral can take the form of a Web site or print. www.hynet.com.