Novell, Inc. unveiled its solution for helping customers link business data for easy use in electronic business applications. Novell demonstrated a new software solution called DirXML. Extending the capabilities of Novell Directory Services (NDS) 8, this new solution links and manages all the places where business and network information is stored. This includes software applications, network operating systems, databases and network devices. This is the first solution based on a directory that not only brings all data together, but also keeps control of the information with the individual departments that own the data. DirXML will connect all data without the need to modify existing software, allowing companies to build on their existing technology investments. Novell has received support for DirXML from partner companies including Bowstreet, Bulletproof Corporation, Compaq Computer Corporation, enCommerce Inc., Entrust Technologies Inc., HAHT Software, Intracus, ISOCOR, Netegrity, NetPro, Oblix Inc., Unimax Systems Corporation. By utilizing XML, Novell’s DirXML will enable companies to connect multiple databases and applications without the need to modify their existing software — thereby getting the most out of their technology investments. A beta-testing version of DirXML will be available for customers to evaluate in Q4 1999. The final product is expected to ship in 2000 and pricing will be announced at that time. The first version of DirXML will support Novell’s NetWare and Microsoft NT operating system environments, with support for Sun Solaris and Linux platforms to follow soon after the initial release.