Lotus Development Corp. and Novell Inc. announced that they have created a single log-on solution using Novell Directory Services (NDS) for the Lotus Domino servers and the Lotus Notes client. With Novell Single Sign-on, a user need only log onto a computer network once with a single NDS password to access all enterprise applications, regardless of the network platforms on which those applications reside. Novell Single Sign-on simplifies the end-user computing experience by eliminating the need for users to remember and input multiple passwords. It also can help companies save money by simplifying password management processes and reducing the number of password-related help desk calls. In addition to Notes R4.6 and Notes R5 users, the Lotus Domino R5 servers also can authenticate Web browser-based users of NDS, using LDAP as the authentication protocol. Novell Single Sign-on is available from Novell to customers of Novell NetWare 5. www.novell.com, www.lotus.com