Kofax Image Products has shipped a new release script that integrates Ascent Capture 3, the company’s document capture application, with Documentum 4i, Documentum Inc.’s content management platform for corporate and e-business portals. The release script also integrates Ascent Capture with Documentum’s prior product release, Enterprise Document Management System (EDMS 98). Ascent Capture 3’s DDI architecture combines document capture, data capture and Internet-based distributed capture in a single application. It’s the only tool required to digitize paper documents at remote locations, extract data from them and insert that information into workflow, document management and Web publishing applications. Documentum 4i is a content management platform that dynamically manages all facets of content creation and delivery for corporate and e-business portals. Kofax has partnered with Documentum for several years to develop solutions that integrate paper and electronic sources of corporate knowledge. The new 32-bit Ascent Capture 3 release script for Documentum provides full functionality for both the 4i content management platform and the EDMS 98 client/server-based document management platform. The Ascent Capture 3 release script for Documentum 4i and EDMS 98 is free and may be downloaded now at www.kofax.com