Extensibility Inc. announced the first commercial product for BizTalk Framework schema validation. XML Authority 1.1 will provide import and output support for BizTalk Framework compatible schemas and for the XDR schema format and for the W3C schema specification when it becomes available. It will also provide advanced support for XML namespaces. The test version of XML Authority 1.1 will be made available free of charge to XML Authority 1.0 customers in late July. A special trial version of XML Authority 1.1 will be accessible for download from the BizTalk.org site at www.biztalk.org in August. Using XML Authority 1.1, developers can create and exchange schemas compliant with the BizTalk Framework specifications. XML Authority is $99.95, multiple user x-Packs are available: 5-user, $449.95; 10-user, $849.95; 50-user, $3,995.00. A 10-use trial version may also be downloaded from the Extensibility site. www.extensibility.com