XML For All, Inc. today announced the release of its first product, the XFA Scripting System, a rapid application development system for XML. Microsoft Windows and Linux versions of the XFA Scripting System are free and can be downloaded from www.xmlforall.com. XFA (XML For All) is a set of XML tags that specify executable actions. Other approaches to processing XML require the use of another language such as Java, Perl, or Visual Basic. With XFA, all you need is XML. XFA was designed from the start around XML and uses XML pervasively. XFA is for developing advanced web sites. An XFA script contains a mix of XFA, XML, and HTML tagged elements allowing web page designers and programmers to share a common language. Its easy to add new executable tags to XFA or to create a custom interpreter for a new XML tag set. The XFA Scripting System includes an XFA interpreter, comprehensive documentation, and a collection of examples, libraries, and tools. The XFA interpreter can be run either under a web server or stand alone. The XFA library system can be used to factor large applications and to organize collections of reusable components. www.xmlforall.com