Rebol Technologies Tuesday announced Rebol 2.1, the latest release of the universal scripting language that runs on 30 widely used operating system platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Palm OS and Windows CE. Rebol 2.1 will be available this week for free download at the company’s Web site. Rebol is for developers and administrators who need efficient solutions for dozens of day-to-day networking tasks, such as CGI serving, e-mail processing, Internet searching, file transfer, newsgroup and automated Web page retrieval. Rebol provides built-in networking support, eliminating the time-wasting task of calling and integrating different classes, modules and libraries into programs. Additional key features of the Rebol language include its compact size (150k on Windows), full platform independence and built-in network support for common Internet protocols, such as CGI, HTTP, FTP, SMTP and more. New features in Rebol2.1 include an XML parser, refined security such as sandbox directories, and new network features, such as direct access to NNTP.