POET Software announced that it applied the new recently proposed Java Data Objects (JDO) specification, a work in process specification in the Java Community Process, for a common API to develop an embeddable, small footprint, 100% pure Java database. Ericsson leveraged the new database technology to develop a ‘smart’ Internet phone prototype called ‘Penny2’. POET has contributed to the JDO specification process through its participation with the Object Data Management Group (ODMG) and as an expert in Java Community Process. The Java Community Process represents the formalization of the open to develop and revise Java technology specifications in cooperation with the international Java community. The specification also provides for interface-based definition of data stores, transactions, selection, queries, and transformation of persistent storage data into native Java objects. For more information on the specification go to: java.sun.com/aboutJava/communityprocess/jsr/jsr_012_dataobj.html. www.POET.com.