Inso Corporation launched eBusiness Technologies, a division focused on helping mid-to-large- sized organizations achieve their e-business goals. Previously known as the Content Management and Internet Publishing Division, eBusiness Technologies develops and markets solutions and services explicitly designed to enable organizations to create high value and strategic e-business applications. eBusiness Technologies offers its customers DynaBase, the XML object-based platform for automated Web content management and personalized dynamic delivery, and MediaBank, the industry-leading media asset management system. With these applications, eBusiness Technologies provides organizations with the foremost e-business solutions on the market. The mission of eBusiness Technologies is to develop and deliver products, tools, services and best practices that create a trusted environment for controlling on-line information assets, automating production and enabling personalized delivery of content via the Internet. Specifically, these solutions utilize an Internet-based framework that facilitates the on-line creation, accumulation, organization, updating, publication and archiving of all types of information affecting day-to-day operations.