Extensibility announced the release of XML Authority 1.0, a comprehensive XML schema authoring and conversion tool that enables Web developers to migrate existing data structures to the Internet via XML. This capability accelerates the creation of XML-based industry, corporate and application grammars for the Internet. XML Authority 1.0 converts ODBC data structures, Java classes, COM objects, LDAP schemas, DTD’s and XML documents to all major XML schema formats. XML schema syntax output support includes DTD’s, XML-Data (IE5 level), the XML Schema Definition Language (XSDL), DCD’s, and DDML. XML Authority 1.0 features a graphical user interface that allows users to import or create XML schemas, and view document elements, attributes, entities and other objects in a hierarchical tree. Graphical representation of the document structure also is provided. Collaborative schema development, within and between organizations is enhanced with audience-specific notes and change logging support. XML Authority facilitates the convergence of diverse forms and sources of Internet content. Advanced XML schema features, such as data-typing, enable data-intensive applications to move to XML now. XML Authority provides the ability to adapt SGML DTD’s to those constructs available in XML. XML Authority 1.0 is available for downloading now at www.extensibility.com. XML Authority is $99.95, multiple user x-Packs are available: 5-user, $449.95; 10-user, $849.95; 50-user, $3,995.00. A ten use trial version may also be downloaded from the Extensibility site.