Datalogics announced the latest release of the FrameLink Product Family in conjunction with DOCUMENTUM, Inc.’s launch of DOCUMENTUM 4i. FrameLink offers organizations flexibility with their document creation, document management, and publishing processes by integrating Adobe FrameMaker authoring tools and DOCUMENTUM’s DOCUMENTUM 4i. The FrameLink Product Family line consists of four products: FrameLink, FrameLink+SGML, FrameLink for AutoRender Pro, and the FrameLink DocPage Builder Extension. FrameLink allows authors of technical documents, manuals, and product information to manage complex documents directly from within FrameMaker, while maintaining document links. With FrameLink+SGML, authors of SGML documents in FrameMaker+SGML can manage the reuse of components down to the element level. FrameLink for AutoRender Pro allows users to automatically render and manage PDF files from within FrameMaker tools. This enables them to distribute documents for review and can provide an end-to-end solution for publishing complex documents. Finally, the FrameLink DocPage Builder Extension is a tool kit that can adapt FrameLink to meet specific publishing needs of customers.