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Day: June 17, 1999

Softshare Announces Upgrades & E-Commerce Strategy

Softshare announced ecSuite, a suite of e-commerce products that provides range of solutions addressing the needs of organizations from the small, home-based business to the large enterprise. Softshare’s ecSuite provides a total Internet e-commerce environment and, when combined with the Softshare Network, a traditional EDI solution. The entry-level product for the small business is Softshare Vista 2.0 Standard Edition. Softshare Vista is a 32-bit Windows-based desktop EDI application that enables trading partners to electronically create and exchange business documents such as purchase orders, invoices and advance-ship notices. Standards supported include traditional EDI such as ANSI X12, UN/EDIFACT, as well as XML and XSL. Communications are SMTP and POP3 based. Softshare Vista 2.0 Standard Edition is priced at $295 for the single user. Softshare Vista 2.0 Professional Edition adds S/MIME security, advanced document tracking, event-driven document management, trading partner management, multiple mailbox support and direct integration with Softshare’s universal data translator, Softshare Delta. The Professional Edition is priced at $995 and includes a five-user license. Softshare Delta is a data translator capable of mapping both to and from EDI, flat file (from both fixed-width and delimited), XML and OLE DB data sources. Delta also supports mapping to free-form text documents, such as HTML, to aid in Web and Internet integration.

Seacrest Development to Acquire Imagen

Seacrest Development Corporation announced that an agreement has been reached to acquire Imagen Technologies, Inc. for $450,000. Currently, Imagen specializes in e-mail invoicing interfaces, with a core AXML technology utilizing XML to offer advanced invoicing capabilities in its new Invoy product. Seacrest’s acquisition is subject to regulatory approval by the Vancouver Stock Exchange, an independent evaluation of Imagen, a $300, 000 cash payment and $150,000 in stock.

PHT Corp. Announces Web-Based Clinical Trials Data Management Solution Using XML

PHT Corp. announced the development of Version 4.0 of its PlexxNet Clinical Network, a web-based, paperless system for direct data capture, data and trial management that supports the full life cycle of clinical trials. This newest version of PlexxNet, with delivery expected in the fourth quarter, is the first system in the clinical trials industry to use XML to enable increased data interchange, archiving, storage, and management. To help define the prototype model for use of XML in clinical trials data capture, PHT has formed a strategic partnership with Lincoln Technologies, Inc., a Boston-area consulting firm led by Chan Russell and David Fram, who developed the first version of Clintrial. PHT and Lincoln Technologies are jointly developing a new DTD for the clinical trials market. In turn, PHT and Lincoln will make the DTD available to the clinical research industry to begin the development of an open and broad XML-based standard for clinical research.

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