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Day: June 16, 1999

SAP Announces Commitment to RosettaNet

SAP AG announced its endorsement of eConcert, the multipartner implementation of RosettaNet’s electronic commerce standards. As one of the enterprise business software solution members of the managing board of the RosettaNet global electronic commerce standards consortium, SAP says it is committed to implementing RosettaNet XML-based Partner Interface Processes (PIP) to help further extend the current Internet commerce capabilities of its 20,000 customers worldwide by RosettaNet’s Feb.2, 2000, industry readiness target date.

J.P. Morgan, Pricewaterhousecoopers  Announce IBM to Help with Standard

J.P. Morgan & Co. Incorporated and PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP announced that IBM Corp. would participate on the technical committee for the recently announced Internet-based protocol FpML (XML-based financial products markup language), a specification for electronic dealing and information sharing of financial derivatives. The two firms also announced that IBM would help create FpML seminars for technical and financial services professionals worldwide. The FpML standard, announced last week by J.P. Morgan and PricewaterhouseCoopers, enables Internet-based electronic dealing and information sharing of financial derivatives, initially focusing on interest rate and foreign exchange products. The FpML standard, which will be licensed freely to the technical and financial markets, is based on XML and will allow the Internet-based integration of a range of services, from electronic trading and confirmations to portfolio specification for risk analysis. For more information on the FpML seminars or the FpML standard, see

Microsoft & Bridge Team on Financial Information XML Schema

Microsoft Corp. and Bridge Information Systems Inc. demonstrated the results of joint work on an XML-based schema that allows the exchange of various real-time market data types, including stock pricing, pages, and company news and history. The XML schema for real-time market data will be proposed to the Microsoft Windows Distributed interNet Applications for Financial Services (Windows DNAfs) Advisory Council for adoption in the existing message set. Currently, the Microsoft Windows DNAfs architecture has a number of message schemas for composing orders, executions, allocations and settlement details that help bring application integration and interoperability to financial institutions. The adoption and support of standard interfaces provided by Windows DNAfs, combined with the use of XML as the data format, allow operations in portfolio management, order routing, risk management, portfolio accounting and now market data to be easily linked, ensuring integration across application domains in a cross-platform environment.,

Poet Uses ODMG Spec for Embedded Object Database in Internet Phone Prototype

POET Software announced that it applied the new recently proposed Java Data Objects (JDO) specification, a work in process specification in the Java Community Process, for a common API to develop an embeddable, small footprint, 100% pure Java database. Ericsson leveraged the new database technology to develop a ‘smart’ Internet phone prototype called ‘Penny2’. POET has contributed to the JDO specification process through its participation with the Object Data Management Group (ODMG) and as an expert in Java Community Process. The Java Community Process represents the formalization of the open to develop and revise Java technology specifications in cooperation with the international Java community. The specification also provides for interface-based definition of data stores, transactions, selection, queries, and transformation of persistent storage data into native Java objects. For more information on the specification go to:

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