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Day: June 7, 1999

Quintessent Releases XML Message Adapters & Editing Suite

Quintessent Communications, Inc. announced the availability of their XML based Message Adapters. These XML based Message Adapters, together with the QConnect Platform and a suite of Interconnect Applications, provide a Tele.Commerce solution for telecommunications back-office electronic commerce. Quintessent also announced the release of QConnect Studio, an XML based tool-set that efficiently modifies Quintessent’s off-the-shelf Message Adapters to meet the changing requirements of trading partners. Back-office e-commerce for the telecommunications market, Tele.Commerce, requires carriers to electronically bond with trading partners in order to intelligently exchange high volumes of transactional ordering data. The XML based Message Adapters are first to utilize XML as a meta-language to define and generate the electronic data interchange (EDI) streams for trading partner interexchange. This significantly improves how carriers build, translate, validate and modify their e-commerce data transmissions, allowing business analysts within the carrier to efficiently manage message content and make ongoing changes to business rules without reprogramming EDI. The result is quicker implementation of interexchange and information requirements while lowering the cost of ownership for the single Tele.Commerce solution.

Eloquent Introduces Enterprise Portal

Eloquent, Inc. announced the launch of the Eloquent Enterprise Communications Portal. The Eloquent Enterprise Communications Portal aggregates business communications and learning content from multiple sources in multiple formats, personalizes access to the content based on a user’s role and preferences, delivers it in the most appropriate medium, and tracks the use and value of the content to users. The Eloquent Enterprise Communications Portal is designed to meet the growing need of companies to communicate cost effectively with partners and customers over the Web as well as to provide for ongoing communications and education of employees. The Eloquent Enterprise Communications Portal (ECP) offers five key benefits: aggregation, personalization, flexible delivery, reporting, and an e-commerce gateway. The Eloquent Enterprise Communications Portal is available now. Pricing for the Eloquent Portal Server software begins at $125,000. Eloquent also provides complete communications portal design and implementation services on a per project basis.

Bluestone Provides Free Copies of Visual-XML

Bluestone Software, Inc., announced the giveaway of 3,000 copies of Bluestone Visual-XML, a toolkit for building XML applications. Available today, Bluestone Visual-XML is a pure Java development tool that makes use of a straightforward graphical user interface, drag-and-drop capabilities, and Mentor, Bluestone’s advanced interactive navigation and help facility to simplify development of dynamic XML applications. Bluestone Visual-XML’s Database Publishing Wizard helps users generate XML documents from data stored in a database, without any coding. The Process Wizard allows for the input of XML documents into a dynamic XML server. An example application is included with Visual-XML, showing the use of several Open Application Group (OAG) Document Type Definition’s (DTDs) for processing purchase orders against a database, including logging of transactions. This sample application can be a useful template for creating applications with any of the emerging industry DTD’s and DTD repositories, such as OBI, cXML, RosettaNet, OASIS, and BizTalk. Pricing for Bluestone Visual-XML is $99 and may be purchased and downloaded online at the Intraware Website ( and at the Bluestone Website.

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