The Sun-Netscape Alliance unveiled the Catalog Management Service, an initiative that will provide buyers using Netscape BuyerXpert e-commerce application with access to catalog content from their suppliers. This new offering is the first initiative of the Sun-Netscape Alliance Supplier Network, a new set of services that enables buyers to purchase products and services from more than 5,000 suppliers that offer more than three million products. The Catalog Management Service provides buyers with four service options for obtaining catalog content data from suppliers. First, buyers can access catalog content directly from the suppliers’ Web sites using the Open Buying on the Internet (OBI) standard. Second, buyers can receive catalog feeds directly from suppliers in a standard way based on XML. Third, the Alliance is offering simple, useful supplier content to Netscape BuyerXpert customers in conjunction with Aspect Development. Finally, a custom catalog management service will be available to Netscape BuyerXpert customers through Aspect Development and Harbinger. The Alliance Supplier Network will provide products in categories such as maintenance, repair and operating items, office supplies, laboratory supplies and computer software and hardware.,