Seagull announced that it is building tools to wrapper mainframe and AS/400 programs into reusable XML and Enterprise JavaBean components, and specialized server software to connect those components to host applications. Code-named “Williamsburg,” Seagull’s development project is the first to be announced as a result of the company’s recent acquisition of ObjectShare’s Java division. The Williamsburg project is underway in the company’s new Irvine, Calif., development lab. Through CORBA, IIOP, XML, and EJB support, Williamsburg provides component-based access to host applications. Williamsburg business components can be connected to other objects at the emerging middle-tier layer of Web- based business computing. The Williamsburg project will result in wizard-like tools for wrappering CICS, MQSeries, 3270 and 5250 programs, and extensions to Seagull’s current presentation server that will handle connections to host applications.