InterCAP Graphics Systems, Inc unveiled the world’s first implementation of WebCGM at the XML Europe ’99 Trade Show in Granada, Spain.The new version of software being released this fall will enable users to produce intelligent, WebCGM-compatible graphics that can be viewed on any WebCGM-compatible browser, including InterCAP’s ActiveCGM Browsers for Windows and UNIX platforms. WebCGM is the W3C Recommendation for standard use of CGM vector graphics in Web-based applications. Announced by the W3C in January, WebCGM offers a standard approach for the effective application of the international CGM standard in hyperlinking and document navigation, picture structuring and layering, and searches and queries. WebCGM has been a collaborative effort of the CGM Open Consortium and the W3C to enable interoperability of Version 4 CGM across all Web document applications. The standard will enable CGM users to leverage existing validation tools, test suites, and product certification testing services for their applications.