InfoAccess Inc. has released the HTML Transit 4 beta to select partners and customers. This release, labeled “The Virtual Webmaster,” automates the creation and maintenance of, Websites from standard business documents. HTML Transit 4 builds Websites from standard business documents that have been created using popular authoring tools such as Office 2000, Lotus SmartSuite Millennium or less traditional tools such as a CrossPad or a scanner. It can also import XML, HTML and PDF files. Transit Templates, Cascading Style Sheets and sophisticated frame layout capabilities facilitate precise control over the look and feel of Web pages generated by HTML Transit. HTML Transit also supports custom tagging and Java, giving Web developers more options when developing complex corporate Websites. Using a new technology called Abstraction. HTML Transit analyzes inconsistently styled business documents, infers their structure and creates consistent looking Websites. Tables of contents, indexes, metadata and other reference materials are created automatically providing rich navigational options and search support across virtually unlimited levels of hierarchy. HTML Transit 4 is scheduled for public release in May 1999. Suggested Retail Price for HTML Transit is $495. HTML Transit is available from InfoAccess directly or from select partners and