Extensibility announced the beta release of XML Authority, a new class of schema development tools designed to allow XML developers to quickly model, create and manage XML schemas from a variety of sources. XML Authority can construct schemas from many sources including existing DTDs, Java classes, ODBC data structures, COM objects and XML documents — enabling users to migrate existing application schema to XML. XML Authority’s ability to output schemas in multiple formats means that developers can support new standards without compromising corporate mandates or emerging standards. Schema output formats include standard DTD syntax, Microsoft’s XML-Data, Data Definition Markup Language (DDML), Document Content Description (DCD), Schema for Object Oriented XML (SOX) and an example XML document. XML Authority fully supports the XML 1.0 schema specification, enhancing it with support for data typing and namespaces. With the introduction of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 5 and its support for XML-Data, users can easily convert existing schema formats for use with IE5.XML-based schemas identify the objects, properties and relationships for XML solutions. XML Authority allows developers to quickly create, modify and manage these elements in a visual environment, streamlining the process and thus improving productivity. XML Authority features a graphical user interface that allows users to import or create schemas, and view document elements, attributes, entities, and other objects in a hierarchical tree. With cut and paste support, modular schema development is easily achieved. Collaborative schema management within and between organizations is enhanced with audience-specific notes and change logging support. www.extensibility.com