At CeBit, Oracle previewed technology for delivering dynamic Web content to users of mobile devices, including GSM smart-phones, Windows CE devices and Palm Pilots. The technology, code-named “Project Panama,” will allow Internet and mobile service providers to deliver personalized services directly to mobile devices without having to modify content for them. Content providers will benefit from the ability to extend their reach beyond the desktop PC to a whole new group of mobile device users. Currently, service and content providers and mobile operators must create custom Web content designed to meet the special requirements of mobile devices, including limited screen size and memory. Project Panama will remove the limitations of retrieving Web-based material by automatically translating the HTML- or XML-based format of Internet content to the languages understood by wireless devices. Utilizing protocols including Wireless Access Protocol (WAP), Project Panama will enable access to all existing Web content through mobile devices. Project Panama is slated to be integrated into the existing network infrastructure and will be built on top of Oracle