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Day: March 7, 1999

Autonomy adds new hires in Washington and Boston

Autonomy, Inc. announced the establishment of offices in Washington, D.C. and Boston. Autonomy has named six new hires for marketing and sales: Dan Buan, Darlene G. Hines, Rita Joseph, Mitchell Logan and Julie Hartigan in the Washington, D.C. office and Allyson Miller in the Boston office. The eastern regional division will report directly to Steve Jaffee, director of eastern region, while the federal division reports to Jon Wilks, vice president of sales. Autonomy develops software that automatically organizes large, unstructured volumes of information into personally relevant communications to help corporate intranets and commercial websites serve the changing needs and interests of users. The intelligent pattern recognition technology that fuels Autonomy’s software was originally developed by Autonomy’s sister company, Neurodynamics, for use in intelligence and defense applications.

OnDisplay announces XML support

OnDisplay announced the immediate availability of CenterStage 3.3 which provides XML support for rapid business-to-business application integration. Leveraging CenterStage’s graphical approach to heterogeneous content integration, the XML features allow trading partners to be integrated in less than one-third the time required using first generation programming oriented business-to-business integration tools. The XML support allows companies to parse, query, transform and map XML bi-directionally with ERP applications, E-Commerce applications, databases and legacy systems. OnDisplay is an active proponent in the development of XML as an emerging standard for e-business integration, specifically in the areas of content aggregation and application integration. OnDisplay is a member of several XML-related industry consortiums such as CommerceNet, Open Applications Group (OAG), and ICE, and will support XML-based E-Commerce frameworks such as Microsoft’s BizTalk and Ariba’s cXML initiatives. OnDisplay will incorporate support for these XML DTDs into CenterStage to further automate business-to-business collaboration across industry standard specifications.

Arbortext shows ‘free-form’ XML editing

Arbortext, Inc., demonstrated a “free-form” XML editing capability that will be available in upcoming releases of Epic and ADEPT products. Content management systems that allow free-form editing enable an author to create and refine XML documents without a corresponding DTD.. Arbortext’s support for free-form editing means Epic and ADEPT users can edit well-formed XML documents as easily as they edit valid XML documents today. The amount of content available in XML is rapidly expanding and users of proprietary tools will be virtually “locked out” of the XML wave because of the huge cost of conversion. With Arbortext’s free-form XML editing capability, no conversion is necessary — authors can instantly read, modify and write well-formed XML data from any source, or incorporate that data into a valid XML document.

Infoteria unveils “XML solution components”

Infoteria Inc. unveiled a new software product named “XML Solution Components.” XML Solution Components is a series of components for building the XML-based solution systems. Using XML Solution Components, the inter-Enterprise XML-based information system, and XML-based e-Commerce internet systems are built easily and rapidly. The first version of XML Solution Components consists of 7 components, iAccess, iHTML, iMessage, iNotes, iOracle, iPad, and iRule. For example, iMessage handles the XML data send via SMTP and retrieves it from the mail box to the XML storage. iHTML generates HTML file from XML data with XSL based style rules, so that the end-users do not require the latest Web browser such as Internet Explorer 5.0 to access to XML-based system. Each component in XML Solution Components can be purchased separately. The components are available as Executables, Windows COM modules and C++ libraries. The components will separately start shipping in May, 1999 to August, 1999. Japanese versions will also be available in addition to the English versions. Infoteria Inc., founded in 1998, is a software company that focuses on XML technology. The company is dedicated to the development of a wide range of practical XML software products from XML access libraries to XML Servers for the purpose of inter-enterprise electronic commerce.

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